Luca Iovio # Start walking!

Hello. I'm Luca.

I'm italian. And I'm a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. That's cool! (I mean, both things: beeing italian and beeing a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer)

I travel (not enough...) to see new things and sometimes to see the same things another time. Repetita iuvant!

I take (too many) pictures with my smartphone of (apparently) not particularly interesting subjects.

I like walking on a street only to see what's on the next corner. Maybe something (apparently) not particularly interesting...

I speak three languages, not at the same level: italian (obviously), english (quite common), german (not so common as english, and certainly more difficult).

I practice Ving Tsun (or Wing Chun), a Kung Fu style from southern China that focuses on effectiveness. Have you ever heard about Ip Man? Wong Shun Leung? Bruce Lee?

I read books and see movies and TV series. Quite common, I admit.

I like very much mountain panoramas, specially when they are not pictures and you walked a bit before seeing them.

I am part of the board of directors of Centro culturale Italo-Tedesco in Vicenza. I provide organizational and implementation support for centre's cultural and digital initiatives.

I always believe in a better way. How can you find it? Start walking!