Perché Si Dice: a blog about italian idioms 

Words are important. Words are powerful. We use daily words and expressions to describe specific situations or events without knowing their origin. It's interesting to understand why these expressions have their meaning. collects italian idioms used in may native language. It can be useful not only for Italian people but also for people who want to learn Italian.

Here you can find examples of italian idioms:

Giuseppe Iovio: the portfolio website of the artist Giuseppe Iovio

This is the website of my father, Giuseppe Iovio, an italian painter. I like very much the New York series, but there other many other interesting paintings:
- the portfolio with works on Venice
- the portfolio with works on Vicenza
- seascapes
- landscapes

Mecenize: let's find places for artworks

Mecenize is a dream, before being a project. That's an idea I had some years ago with two friends, Nicola and Simone. We realized eveything from scratch. It was a really useful experience from many points of view, not only for the technical experience we made. The purpose is simple: facilitate the organization of artistic events in places of every day life, like bars, restaurants, shops. The registered users are artists and owners of spaces who can contact each other on the website to organize an event such as an exhibition or a performance. If you are curious, take a look.

Il Sito di Luca: my first and old blog

This is the typical personal blog without a specific topic. I wrote many articles in the past years in italian. Some are about Harry Potter's world, some about the First World War

Some interesting articles:
- unofficial lists of all Harry Potter's spells
- sites of the First World War, in nothern Italy

And here some of my short stories:
- La fermata del tram
- Legittima difesa
- Il contratto
- La prima lezione